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What is SEO Analysis?

Seo analysis; is the study of the causal relation of the data generated in the result of the optimization study. How to use seo analysis programs with in-site and off-site seo analysis tools We shared detailed information in writing. With the analyzes that are very important for the new generation seo, you can detect and correct the errors in your site.

Why is Seo analyzed?

There are many analysis sites and analysis programs to test sites and examine the results. While these sites or tools are mostly paid, it is possible to find them on sites offering free use. Seo analysis is done by examining page codes and related links. With the data obtained, it is possible to improve the ordering of indexes. Especially important for corporate seo studies is the careful examination and evaluation of the obtained data. With the information obtained from the results of this research, you can have an idea or knowledge about the optimization mistakes made on the site. Seo analyzes are done in two ways.


In-Site Seo Analysis Tools

There are many sites that you can use while performing on-site seo analyzes. These sites offered the use of a variety of tools that allow them to conduct analyzes for SEOCular. Generally, each of these tools enables you to make different examinations and you can easily identify the errors on the site or the general position of the site. In the bottom line we will provide you with brief information about the most preferred intrasite analytics tools. You can review the tools that you can perform free of charge seo analysis on the bottom line.

1- PageSpeed Insights : This tool in Google Developers, built for developers to learn and use Google technologies and the functionality of the tools offered in use, offers site speed testing. It measures site speed for both browsers and mobile display and provides solutions for potential problems. When you question your site or page in this tool, also known as the Google site speed test, you are warned to improve the page being analyzed and a solution suggestion for those warnings is presented. For example; There are warnings such as "Enable compression," "Optimize images," "Shorten server response time," "Minimize CSS," "Minimize JavaScript," and on the bottom line there is a line about how these warnings can be fixed. When these warnings are taken into consideration and the desired corrections are made, the speed of the site increases significantly. So the site opens much faster for users. We do not even need to mention this in terms of seo. In addition, with these fixes, the fast-opening page gains value and is more highly regarded by search engines.

2- Mobile friendly : The other one is the Seo analysis tools within Google Developers, and the other is the Mobile Friendly tool, which offers site mobile testing. You can also review the explanation made by Google at the attached link for the question "Why websites should be made mobile-friendly?" So you have a more comprehensive knowledge of the benefits and benefits of being mobile-responsive.

3- W3C : This site, which is considered as the first informal site of the internet, is the one that determines the standards on the internet. Thanks to the HTML programming language developed by Tim Berners Lee in 1989, the doors of the Internet have been opened to us. In time, it was opened as an open institution in 1994, with the expectation that certain internet network standards would be needed worldwide. Tim Berners Lee is currently in charge of management and the standards of this establishment are highly regarded by major Internet companies including Google. This site, also known as Markup Validation Service, examines page source codes and shows the errors in coding. Stable sites are always 1 step ahead. We recommend that you check your site's coding errors with the W3 test, which is actually very useful in most of the in-site seo tools, and fix all that is possible. Because the site you prepare must conform to w3 standards in order to be displayed smoothly on all web browsers.

In addition, various webmaster sites have seo analysis tools in their own right. With the questions you will have on these sites, you can see the errors your site needs to be corrected for internal optimization. If you need to pay attention to what you need to pay attention to;
Title ( It is recommended that the site title be around 60 characters and not exceed 70 characters.)
Description ( It is recommended that the site's description should not exceed 160 characters.)
Keywords (It is recommended that the keyword length for the site be less than 260 characters.)
Heading codes (The h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags used for header identification are the tags used for the in-site hierarchy and the semantic web. The correct use is of great benefit.)
Page Text/Code rate (Between content and code on the page. The higher the page content rate, the more useful it is. As a result, the user or search engines will look at your content, not the code on your page!)
Image height and width values (Predefined height and width values for images used on the page are useful for visual optimization.)
Image alt tags (It allows you to specify what the pictures used on the page are related to. The fact that image sublabels are added is very important in visual optimization.)
Robots.txt ( You can prevent pages from being indexed by search engines by defining the pages in this text file that you do not want indexed on your site. In addition, a list of the commands Allow and Disallow, which is an important element of Seo, is defined in this text file.)
Sitemap.xml ( A file that helps search engines index your site by browsing your site more easily and regularly. With this file you will be given information about how often your site or pages have been updated to search engines.)
Seo friendly link ( The use of a descriptive filename, or url, for links on your site is beneficial for search engines to better crawl your site.)
Internal links ( Providing links that are easily accessible and understandable on the site is a factor that relaxes the user experience and therefore increases the value of your site.)
External links ( Any link pointed out of the site means that the visitor leaves the site. For this reason, it is only necessary to use an external link when necessary. Also, unlike most people, the correct and relevant external link is useful, not harmful, and I think that it is not restricted by a number.)
Structural data ( The functions of the structural data used to improve search results, to emphasize important places, and to highlight relevant words have gained even more value in the last period. I would recommend you to care about you.)
We shared the main analysis factors and tools for on-site seo analysis. Now let's go to the use of off-site seo analysis tools. You can examine the details from the bottom lines.

Off-Site Seo Analysis Tools

Searchmetrics : Keyword density is an application that allows you to see and follow your position in the sequence in key words. Backlink analysis is among the most offsite off-the-shelf analysis tools that are as strong as keyword features. There is a paid app and trial version. If you are an old source for Searchmetrics review, you can look at the detailed description on the attached page.
Ahrefs : With this site, which is highly regarded as a backlink analysis tool, you can question the backlinks given to your site. Without membership, site statistics are displayed. But it provides a limited number of queries. Usage possibilities are increasing according to membership levels. With the use of Ahrefs you can also see more detailed explanations from the attached page.
Moz : You can check Google, Yahoo, Bing rankings on the seo tools that provide you with comparison and sitemap links and social media sharing analysis, you can do in-page seo analysis, you can browse pages to detect errors in your site's pages. You can also query the target word difficulty level or use the tools to display new content added to search engines for the word you are targeting. This site, which also provides additional analysis opportunities, is among the paid sites. Those who desire can visit the attached page for a 30 day free Moz trial.
Raven tools , site seo tool, backlink analytics tool, social media analytics tool, Adwords tools, keyword tools, and recent seo analytics sites. With very detailed tools, you can do many analyzes on one panel. If you wish, you can complete your subscription process from the attached page for 30 days of free Raven tools usage.
Semrush : It is a site that allows you to do word and domain analysis and is among the best in the market. Similar words are searched for how much of the word is searched in word-based searches. In domain-based searches, you can see the words that the domain receives the most traffic. which is one of the most influential among seo analysis tools used to analyze competitors. You can also read more about Semrush usage from the attached page.
Majestic : Link construction, analysis of site links and analysis of competitor site links allows you to make detailed. You can also get a detailed exploration of the use of the Majestik seo analysis tool from the attached page.
Link Research Tools (LRT) : Quick backlink query tool, Seo metrics and fast domain comparison tool, link profile analysis tool, Vocabulary competitive analysis tool, competitive competitive analysis tool and many more competitive analysis and tools to benefit from doing out-of-site analysis. The tools are available for a fee and offer very effective reporting thanks to partnerships with different analysis sites such as Moz, Majestik and Semrush. You can review the detailed explanation for the Link Research Tools Review from the attached page.
Google Keyword Planner : Known as Google's keyword planner, you can use this tool from the Google advertiser platform Adword panel. With this free-to-use tool, you can find keyword ideas and learn how many visitors can get these words.
Google Analytic : Visit Google Webmaster Tools, a free Google webmaster tool where you can inquire how to access your site and which channels you are visiting. With this tool you can learn about your most visited traffic sources.
Google Webmaster Tools : It is a management tool that is offered by Google to site owners and site administrators.
Yandex Metrica : It is a web analysis tool that allows Yandex to analyze web site owners and e-commerce platforms.
Bing Webmaster Tools : It is a management tool provided by Bing to site owners and site administrators.

By explaining in the off-site seo analysis tools, I tried to give you information about the seo analysis sites in a comprehensive way. I end up writing here saying it would be useful. Seo consultation is available at the e-mail address.