Microsoft's own software development tools and technologies we have created the .Net platform, the so-called Framework, under one roof, and of course within certain standards.

With these software development technologies, the things mentioned are web applications, desktop applications, and of course, mobile applications that we call today's favorite.

One of the goals of this platform, and most importantly of course, is to improve the whole of the applications mentioned above with a single programming language. In short, the software is aimed at providing convenience to individuals and it has been done with the aim of saving them from a great crowd.

With this aim, the language has become popular, meaning that Turkish populations have increased in popularity and have become easier to use among software developers and have spread very quickly.

The .Net Framework is the name given to the infrastructure system for development, execution and publishing.

All applications developed with this application should work through the operating system. Because performance is not achieved on platforms other than windows in the sense of performance.